Tract History

Rich Hill Tract History

1666 – Patent of Rich Hills to Hugh Thomas, 600 acres.  (G1/3)

1673 – Division of Rich Hills 600 acres between Hugh Thomas and Thomas Lomax. (F2/51)

1676 – Thomas Lomax to brother Claiborne Lomax a gift as part of Rich Hills, containing 100 acres. (G1/384)

1710 – Ralph Lomax and Margaret his wife to Mary Contee (M.P. Hemsley), part of Rich Hills containing 600 acres. (C2/245)

1714 – Philemon Hemsley and Mary His wife to Dr. Gustavus Brown, part of Rich Hills containing 300 acres for 21,500 pounds of tobacco. (F2/51)

Dr. Gustavus Brown died March 1762.

1765 – William Courts to Rev. Richard Brown, a one year lease on part of Rich Hill for “1 grain of Indian Corn”. (03/29)

1765 – William Courts and wife Mary to Rev. Richard Brown for 270 pounds an 20,000 less crop of tobacco, half-part of Rich Hill now in the occupation of Richard brown, containing 270 acres. (03/31)

1783 – Marriage contract:  Katherine Hawkins releases all dower rights to Rich Hill following her marriage to Rev. Richard Brown.  (23/35)

Katherine (Smoot) Hawkins is the 3rd wife of Rev. Richard Brown.

1783 – From Richard Brown to son John Brown, part of Rich Hill “on which dwelling home stands”. (23/37)

1783 – John Brown, son, to Richard Brown, a life estate in Rich Hill. (23/38)

1783 – Tax Assessment:  Part of Rich Hill, 566 acres; Rev. Richard Brown owner, improvements.

Reverend Richard Brown died 12 October 1789.

1790 – John and Susannah Brown to Dr. William Brown for 1,000 pounds, half-part of Rich Hill. (K4/75)

John Brown & Dr. William Brown are brothers, sons of Rev. Richard Brown.

1791 – Dr. Gustavus Brown to Dr. William Brown, for 30 pounds of Lomax’s Addition, containing 30 acres. (K4/250)

Dr. William Brown died 13 January 1792.

1807 – Richard and Catherine Brown to Samuel Cox for $1,250.  Two tracts:  Rich Hill, containing 300 acres and Lomax’s Addition.  Reserving graveyard. (B7/393)

Richard Brown and Catherine Brown are the children of Dr. William Brown.

1807 – Samuel Cox to Catherine Brown, a mortgage on one-half of Rich Hill.  (B7/396)

Samuel Cox died in 1811.  His heirs were wife Sarah Cox, children Charity Dent, Ann Guest, Margaret Cox, (wife of Hugh Cox), Cecelia A. Cox, John C. Cox, Walter Cox, Rebecca Cox, Samuel Cox, a minor & Sarah Cox, a minor).

1810 – John C. Cox from Elizabeth Brown. (IB9/101).

1810 – John C. Cox to Elizabeth Brown (IB9/102).

1812 – John C. Cox from Elizabeth Brown. (IB10/159).

1814 – John Chandler Cox to Walter Cox & Samuel Cox.  I give and bequeath to my two brothers Walter Cox and Samuel Cox all that part of land called Rich Hill that I may possess at my death, also a tract of land called Lomax’s Addition and a part of a tract called Chandler’s purchase. (Wills, 1814/327)

John Chandler Cox, died 1814 leaving brothers Samuel O. Cox, d. 1847, Walter Cox, d. 1821 (father of Walter Ann Cox); his sister Margaret Cox m. Hugh Cox.

1849 – From parents Hugh and Mary Ann T.T. Cox to Samuel Cox, part of Rich Hill adjoining the property of S. Cox residing on, containing 400 acres. (WM3/492)

Samuel Cox (1819-1880) is the son of Hugh Cox and his first wife Margaret Cox, who married Walter Ann Cox, daughter of Walter Cox.

1880 – From Samuel Cox to Samuel Cox, Jr. (adopted son) after the death of his adopted mother, Walter Ann Cox, Rich Hill. (Wills MF18/131)

Samuel Cox died 7 January 1880.

1906 – From Samuel Cox, Jr. to son Walter Cox providing Walter Cox pay Lucy Beall Neale & Edith Chappelear. (Wills CHP19/273)

Samuel Cox, Jr. died 5 May 1906.

1906 – From Walter Cox and wife, to Lucy Beale Neale (sic), Walter Cox’s share of Rich Hill. (17/566)

Lucy Beall (Cox) Neale, daughter of Samuel Cox, Jr., died 2 July 1959, leaving 3 sons:  James Francis Neale, Jr., Joseph Matthews Neale, John Robertson Neale.

1971 – From James F. Neale, Jr. Joseph M. Neale, John R. Neale to Joseph Vallario Rich Hill Farms; two parcels:  143.280 acres on North Side of Bel Alton-Newton Road and 149 acres on the South Side of the road.  The grantors acquired under the will of Lucy Beale Neale. (240/80)

2014 – From Joseph Vallario, et. al. to the Charles County Commissioners; 2.431 acres of Rich Hill. (8503/516)